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Triangle glass drying before the line project
Project Background
In the spinning process of customer's triangular glass after drying, the weight of a single piece of glass is 4kg/ piece, and there are 8 people on site. The workload of daily spinning is 800 pieces/person. The labor intensity of manual work is high, and the processing speed of each person is different, which will affect the subsequent production time
Design Difficulties

I. as the glass itself is fragile, the suction force should be appropriate in the process of picking and putting. The position after placing should meet the requirements of the entrance direction of the customer's on-site blanking equipment, and the accuracy should be ±1mm

2. The glass itself is transparent and can be divided into white wave, green wave and grey wave, which requires high recognition accuracy for the visual system


The solution

The three rows of triangular glass coming out of the drying oven flow through the feeding conveyor to the robot working area. The quality was first detected by ISRA, and then the two robots picked up and dropped the glass after receiving the signal through the line scanning system. If the glass is not good, the robot directly pick up and put down the material. If the incoming material is good glass, according to the process requirements of the rotation Angle, turn the line to the good cutting line. * if the glass on the left (right) side of the good product blanking line has been finished in the whole column, and the glass on the right (left) side has been waiting for more than 3 seconds, then the glass on the left (right) side will be blanked without waiting

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video