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Saqi horse packing production line
Project Background
The customer's existing production line is manual bagging, and 30 small bags are packed into one bag, which needs one person to take more than 15 times. The whole production line consists of 5 people, and the number of bagging is 100 in one hour. The customer hopes to maximize the efficiency of packing and reduce labor costs through the use of high-speed and stable parallel robots
Design Difficulties

1. The production line requires fast speed and high requirements for mutual coordination in single block stacking and several parallel robots;

2, there will be the possibility of sachima fall when placed, properly handled, does not affect the overall efficiency of the beat

The solution

Sachima out of packaging machine with conveyor belt transmission to the double row blanking mechanism, divided into two lines, plus a conveyor belt separate sachima, and through the brush will be stacked sachima open management, vision system to detect sachima position on the conveyor belt, ten of the Polyhedron - 1200 parallel robot is good the whole column sachima each quaternion emission layer of conveyor belt in yards, four Polyhedron - 1200 parallel robot with sponge suction cup will be a layer of sachima loaded box, after packing and manual processing

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video