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Medicine box scanning project
Project Background
The existing production line of the customer needs to scan the supervision codes pasted on the surface of the drug one by one, identify the information, and then put them into storage. The manual code scanning work is large and the efficiency is low. In the long-term operation process, it is easy to be swept out
Design Difficulties

1. The drug bar code is pasted on the four surfaces of the drug box

2. The information does not correspond to the medicine. The robot is placed in the recovery area after automatic identification

The solution

Drugs by the conveyor belt into the robot work area and visual identification kit to pick up after the shape, location, HD - 1200 PCS, flip the end joints, flexible for four side bar code scanning, in turn scan information display correctly on a computer, the robot put kit according to the requirements in the corresponding area, scanning information is incorrect, the robot reception, place the drug in the region of the recycling, speed beat 3 / min, the robot end J4, J5, J6 shaft can realize + 360 ° respectively, + 150 ° and + 360 ° rotation, according to the different surface paste by the drug regulatory code, Flexibly adjust the posture of the medicine box for scanning and storage

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video