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Vacuum vessel collection vessel loading and supporting project
Project Background
Existing production line, mining by artificial blood vessel boxes before the boxes to be individually scans the bar code identification on the blood vessels, if there is leakage or serial number is not corresponding, boxed declined, the customer want to use the automatic production line, production rhythm of 4 minutes a box (carton 50), improve the health and safety at the same time to eliminate error boxes
Design Difficulties

1. The blood vessel shall be collected horizontally and inserted vertically into the material box after scanning

2. The blood vessel is made of glass, and the bottle shall not be damaged during operation

The solution

Blood vessels by the conveyor belt to the visual system for posture recognition, PD - 700 according to the information provided by the visual system adjustment of end executor fetching collects blood vessels on the scanner to scan, identify, robot receives the scanning system of qualified, vertical direction turn 90 ° insert in blood vessels feeding box, if there are unqualified products, after scanning the robot will be placed in the designated area, no boxes speed beat 15 / min, robot end USES special gripper, set up gently grab and put action road, prevent damage blood vessels

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Planning Process Flow
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