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Automatic sorting of main bearing cover items
Project Background
Main bearing cover products by chain conveyor line conveyor, by sorting, artificially put, now the number of production line is 6, 8 hours to complete the sorting quantity is about 500 pieces per day per capita, and because there are so many types workpiece, the difference is small, the human eye recognition error rate is extremely high, customers need to rate and error rate to improve the overall effectiveness to enhance the production line
Design Difficulties

1. There are as many as 15 kinds of workpiece, 15 specifications are Shared, and the product identification position is small, which requires high visual recognition in sorting.

2. In the sorting process, unqualified products should be eliminated in time, and the balance between accuracy and speed is strictly required.


The solution

A scraper is added to the incoming material conveyor belt to prevent the workpiece from lamination. After the visual position detection system, the material handling robot grabs the workpiece and puts it neatly. The workpiece passes through the laser visual detection system in turn to identify the type of the workpiece

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video