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Salad dressing soft bag packing line
Project Background
The customer's current packing process of soft bag of salad dressing is composed of 3-5 employees, who have to manually complete such actions as weighing, spraying, placing, unpacking, packing and sealing at a speed of 3 boxes per minute
Design Difficulties

1. Reasonably plan the pick-up path to improve the production efficiency of customers
2.the soft bag of salad dressing is not easy to grab and easy to drop. It is not allowed to throw materials in the air

The solution
The parallel robot polyhedron-1200 identifies the position and placement Angle of the soft bag through the encoder and industrial vision system on the conveyor belt, and identifies whether the appearance of the soft bag is qualified for placing into the carton. The weight is detected online. The packing is completed at the sealing station.
Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video