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Building block stowage project
Project Background
Blocks suit production process, from the warehouse to retrieve the parts by automatic machine particles in the sorting machine, spare parts through automation equipment after fetching summary to a packing, the packing of the products for accurate boxes, the customer wants to put into production robot equipment, once in place, to ensure that the production efficiency at the same time, the packing process quantity, shape, placement without error
Design Difficulties

1. The incoming materials come in various shapes, each with four colors

2. Strict requirements on placement location and quantity are required, and subsequent quality testing is not required

The solution

Particles by the conveyor belt parts batch sent to the visual identification, positioning, information grab blocks based on visual system, in accordance with the programming in the control system of information accurately put blocks to specify the location of the shape, color, among them, the three blocks in the shape of each has four colors, robot up to beat 102 / min

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video