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Automatic feeding of milk cans
Project Background
Four workers picked up plastic cans with different positions and placed them vertically in the feeding vehicle of the milk filling machine to facilitate the subsequent filling process. The manual operation efficiency of the front end directly affects the capacity of the whole production line. Therefore, the customer hopes to put into production of robot automatic production line so that the output of the whole filling production can be continuous and stable
Design Difficulties

1.the incoming material is in a random and horizontal position

2.The robot shall be vertically inserted into the vehicle after inversion

The solution

The plastic bottles with random pose of incoming materials are first sent to the visual system station for pose detection. According to the visual recognition information, pd-1200 adjusts the unterminated actuator to pick up the plastic bottles and rotates the J4\J5 axis to adjust the pose to the tight and straight direction, and then identifies the feeding of the filling machine
Vehicle speed, fast insertion into the vehicle

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video