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Milk powder and spoon packing items
Project Background
Now milk powder and spoons are packed manually according to the quantity. The production efficiency is unstable and packing errors are easy to occur. The customer hopes to realize the packing of spoons and milk powder in the specified posture through the automatic production line, so as to increase the output and reduce the labor cost to 120 sets per minute
Design Difficulties

1. One production line can pack two products according to the fixed requirements

2. Sorting to avoid external damage to the product, affecting sales

The solution

Spoon from feeder into the distance the conveyor belt, D - 800 [4] used a grab two sorting to packing line, photoelectric switch to detect the success place spoons, and signal will be supreme machine, milk powder from blanking machine to distance transmission line, adopt a Polyhedron - 1200 from two ways, spoon on line sorting into boxes, photoelectric switch to detect the success of milk powder, and compared the whole packing signals first place machine, at the same time, the PC control singling out institutions, place the number is not the right product winkles, Send the empty slot signal of the transmission line to the chuck control mechanism of the box loader, and the chuck will not suck the box at the specified position

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video