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Dumbbell piece packing item
Project Background
The customer needs a set of weighing and sorting dumbbells. The dumbbells that have been processed at the front end are picked up and stacked into the packing boxes according to the corresponding requirements. The dumbbells weigh 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg and 5kg respectively and are packed into one box
Design Difficulties

1. The weight of the dumbbell piece is large, with 8 beats per minute

2. Need to cooperate with the weight sensor and display

The solution

After the quality of the dumbbell piece is sensed by the sensor system at the front end, the qd-1200 with electromagnet at the end of the actuator absorbs the dumbbell, and according to its quality signal, the dumbbell stack is placed in the package box of corresponding quality. The video is in the test stage, and the dumbbell stack of four qualities is placed in the same package box with the speed of 12 beats per minute

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video