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Multi-category wet towel sticky cover flexible production line project
Project Background
Client has equipped with speed beat for 70 bags/min wet wipes machine production line, to pick up the same kind of wipes products, glue, paste, such as work, wipes breed once change is glue machine need to adjust the test, as the market gradually expanded and the increase of the products, to further improve customer hope to beat in speed to 90 bales/min at the same time, increase the existing production line of flexible production capacity (one-time handling multiple category), reduce the category change after debugging period, save space; In addition, when the production capacity of the front end is improved, according to the production demand, the end packing link also needs to be more efficient Contact us
Design Difficulties

First, the robot should be able to realize the speed tracking of incoming materials and the speed tracking of removing materials, so as to achieve accurate paste

Second, the glue trajectory accuracy requirements are high

The solution

Wet towel cover and the packing bag of some tissues respectively through two incoming conveyors to corresponding visual area is used to identify the position, configuration in two of the encoder on the conveyor belt track incoming speed, visual judgment incoming posture and belongs to the category, information transmission to Polyhedron parallel robot - 1200, parallel robot grab wet towel cover glue in out of the gate, and then paste to the wet towel bags, speed to the beat of up to 90 bags/min

The wet towel packages with a good wet towel cover are arranged neatly into the packing area of parallel robot td-1200 [3] after they are processed in the conveyor belt transmission process. The robot grabs multiple packages of paper towels at the same time and then puts them into one packing, and finally finishes the automatic packing at the end.

In order to make it easier for customers to control the operating system and speed up the system update and debugging between different batches, the parallel robot polyhedron-1200 supports the function of gluing track CAD import and can easily and quickly replace the gluing track

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video