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Babao porridge ingredient project
Project Background
Existing production line of customers for the congee, coix seed porridge ingredients, easy to appear uneven proportion of ingredients, early for raw materials mixing caused by uneven products have different taste, health and environment cannot be guaranteed, under the premise of customers hope to control the cost, put in the automated production equipment, to ensure efficiency, improve quality, improve the health environment of the scene
Design Difficulties

1. In order to reduce the production cost of the customer, the project is set as babaocongee and semen coicis congee ingredients in the same production line

2. The proportion of ingredients of the two products is different. According to the production capacity demand, the production line should be able to switch in time

The solution

Different types of raw materials by the baffle plate conveyor material, D - 1200 [4] according to the control system to the number of signals corresponding to the raw materials placed in a box, after fetching robot grasping the beat 95 times/min, baffle plate conveyor belt front with sensors, when induced in the section of conveyor belt moving forward automatic feed, isolation workshop production products need to change, robot ingredients way a key switch, congee, coix seed porridge ingredients can be realized refueling production process

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video