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Pineapple cake holding item
Project Background
Customers existing three production lines for three different types of snacks production, according to the category of different carton products need to be carried out in accordance with the different number of boxes, the pineapple cakes for carton number is 8, 18, oaten cake nougat 16, customers want in production efficiency at the same time, as far as possible site covers an area of the reduction of equipment, reduce the production cost
Design Difficulties

1. In order to reduce customer cost and realize flexible production, the project is set to carry out the sorting of three products on the same production line

2. these three kinds of snacks character size is different, packaging quantity is different

The solution

According to certain proportion of mixed material via the conveyor belt to the visual system identification, location, D - 1200 [4] according to the information quickly grab after placed in the box, of the baffle plate conveyor belt material production beats 79 times/min, complete the loading of the product by the conveyor belt into the weighing testing agencies, for subsequent packaging products, eliminate non-conforming product to corresponding recovery mechanism, flexible scheme not only improve the production efficiency, in has realized many of the same category products production at the same time, improve equipment utilization, time saving and ground-saving, efficiency to achieve revenue at the same time

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video