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Packing items of powder strips in bags
Project Background
Customer's existing production line completed by three workers will be packaged vermicelli packing and carried out in accordance with the packing requirements, prone to put the order in the process of packing is not unified, and meet sales season need to shift to extend the configuration to 6 people, recruitment difficult and personnel quality is not stable, the customer wants to put into production automation production line with efficiency of up to 80 bags/min at the same time according to the sales demand flexibility to adjust production time
Design Difficulties

1. The surface of the powder strip packaging bag is not flat, so it is necessary to prevent dropping and shaking the bag when grasping it quickly

2. Put the vermilion strip into the box according to the stamp shape required

The solution

Vermicelli by bag packaging machine discharging, the differential conveyor belt separating into 4 bags in a row, move the cutting machine one-time fetching 4 bags of vermicelli to conveyor belt, side by side through the metal detection area are testing, after the visual positioning products pose of D - 1200 [4] learn 4 bags of vermicelli flat placed within the open carton box machine, each box filled with 60 bags, square cylinder line up again for the products in the oven, eventually transferred to mechanic sealing to a complete sealing

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video