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Chocolate box project
Project Background
At present, the customer's chocolate production line adopts automatic box filling machine to make chocolate boxes in batches, which is inefficient and prone to leakage. The customer hopes to improve the existing process equipment, improve the production efficiency, and improve the food hygiene and safety while ensuring the production quality
Design Difficulties

1. Chocolate is easy to melt and changeable. 

2. The contact parts between the robot and chocolate shall reach the sanitation level

The solution

Production line material for three different shapes and colors of chocolate, points and five columns is put in the tray, one of the shape of the same color for a column, after visual to locate, identify, robot according to the information after fetching placed in tray corresponding position quickly, beat up to 68 / minute, in order to ensure the safety of food, robot end equipped with food-grade gripper, health, safety, operation process

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video