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Donkey-hide gelatin cake packing project
Project Background
The current production line of the customer needs to pack the block-shaped ejiao rapidly in the vertical direction. In order to ensure that the donkey-ejiao will not fall down after being placed, it is necessary to ensure that each piece is placed at an Angle of 45° and the speed of the meter reaches the production requirement of 130 pieces/minute
Design Difficulties

First, the texture of ejiao is soft, and it is easy to slide down when grasping. Second, the dip Angle of each ejiao is 45°, and the dip Angle error affects the number of boxes

The solution

Donkey-hide gelatin, positioning, which can identify the conveyor belt into the visual areas after being tray to specify a location block positioning, string mix five-axis robot based on visual system information from donkey-hide gelatin, flip after 45 ° accurately in a box, complete 16 pieces/carton after donkey-hide gelatin boxes, conveyor belt, positioning device, for subsequent location processing, including robot operating link beats can reach 138 times/min, the speed of five-axis series of mixed flexible robot end, J4 and + 360 ° rotation axis can be horizontal, J5 + 90 ° rotating shaft can realize the vertical, box packing process, according to the process requirements can be flexibly to reverse it

Planning Process Flow
3D Integrated Video