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Tf-800 not only inherits the "large load" characteristic of traditional parallel two-axis robot, but also realizes the function of terminal flip and grasping. The planar multi-link design at the terminal fundamentally solves the problem of robot movement in the third degree of freedom. Connecting rod mechanism not only in the structure has the bearing capacity is larger, the lubrication is good, the wear is small, the processing manufacture is easy.
TF-800 2 Axis Parallel RobotOverview
Product Parameters


TF-800 2 Axis Parallel Robot Summary:Payload(kg):1kg        
Maximum Horizontal Stroke :800mm
Maximum Vertical Stroke :200mm
Repeatability :±0.1mm
Cycle :100times/min

Range of motion and size
Click the picture below to view. The dimensions shown in the figure are in millimeters (mm).
Product specification