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Seven-day holiday, what is more imporant than customers’ demand?
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What are you doing on the National Day holidays? Having a trip with your families or friends happily? Relaxing leisurely at home? However, the technical engineers of Bekannter are still striving in the front line.

Bekannter members are given an urgent task of following up the debugging of robot production line as the National Day is approaching. According to the plan, customer’s production line equipped with several robots will be put into operation during the National Day. Bekannter members hurried to the destination ahead of time for the full preparation and coordination of the on-site debugging, eventually completing the arduous task after working continuously for several days

Apart from the principle of product performance and quality that Bekannter has been adhering for long, we are thriving to realize the principle of “customer first”, as an intimate support for customers. High product quality and high operating cost will not reduce the service quality. The cost of one hour's shutdown of customer production line is unimaginable, thus making Bekannter realizes the principle of “I will always be there for your demand” and “customer first”, eventually committed to have fast response for after-sales service within 2 hours, arrive the site within 24 hours and solve the problem within 72 hours.

Bekannter aims to provide customers with more quantity, higher speed, higher precision robot, achieving more efficient automation integration solutions at the rate of “3 new patents within one month and 1 new product within 3 months.” Due to the continuous breakthrough in the robot ontology structure, the standard cycle speed of Bekannter parallel robot has exceeded 300 times per minute, with the highest repetitive precision of ±0.01mm, the maximum load 30kg and the working diameter 2500mm. Starting from the demand of customers, Bekannter has developed serial- parallel hybrid robot, direct-driven parallel robot and POLYHEDRON series robot and make great breakthroughs in many technical difficulties in the industry.