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YOUKU has launched the robot algorithm sharing course
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Since I was young, I have been in contact with the robot industry, and I deeply respect the word "robot algorithm". I would like to use my favorite cool words to describe it as "unrealized power". After looking up a lot of information, the algorithm looks something like this... (Life is amazing. There are things you can't even know when you see them.)


A few days ago, I saw our robot algorithm engineer's description of his work as follows: "Simply put, the deepest experience is: you have to take someone's shit. Masochistic, everywhere. There's a lot you need to understand. You need to get out of your comfort zone again and again." The following words do not understand, but those who want to see understand friends can be in Zhihu search for relevant articles. For small make up do not want to see clearly, the existence of this group of people is a word - "perky".
The main algorithms of industrial robots are divided into vision algorithm and control algorithm. Vision algorithm is also known as environment perception algorithm, path planning, behavior decision algorithm and motion control algorithm are collectively called control algorithm. Vision algorithms obtain various data from the environment (robot vision and image recognition) to locate the robot's orientation. For stationary robots, environment-aware algorithms are often not necessary. However, for another type of robot, such as the sweeping robot, it is basically a visual algorithm, and the behavior decision and motion control algorithm can be ignored. Robot's motion control algorithm is mainly to improve the precision of the robot operation, stability and speed, the half by servo motor and half by control algorithm, the same performance of servo motor, a good control algorithm can improve the accuracy of more than 10 times, instead of hardware is not difficult, because the robot manufacturers all over the world is to buy the same chips and hardware circuit. In other words, the controller is like the CPU of a computer, and algorithms are "robot brains" that help the controller capture and respond appropriately to the environment.
Starting this week, good luck to anyone reading this. In order to find channels for more friends who are interested in this field and want to learn and develop in depth, Birkendt set up his own account on YOUKU, where he will occasionally share various internal training materials on industrial robot algorithms. If you like the Birkenstock, have a desire to learn, then you are welcome to scan the qr code below, keep an eye on our updates to leave us a message.
The speakers of this course also think differently. Fortunately, I have read the algorithm manuscript of this great man. If you don't read it, I just printed the whole algorithm into a book on A4 paper, with the thickness of 20cm. If you want to catch a glimpse of the master, open up YOUKU.