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Birkenstein developed a high-load four-axis parallel robot
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Compared with the three-axis parallel robot, Birkendt's QD-1600 four-axis parallel robot has a larger working space, with a working diameter of 1600mm XY and a vertical height of 695mm

BKT-QD-1600 客户视角400x400.png

Compared with the traditional series robot, the four-axis parallel robot is more difficult to design, has high machining precision and relatively small working space, but has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, stable structure and strong bearing capacity. "Called the 'Ghost' series, the four-axis parallel robot supports conveyor belt tracking capture and placement and can be used to pack, box and stack products on the production line, saving installation space." Company CEO Wang Yuechao said.
As an innovative company, Birkenstock is committed to promoting the development of industrial robot technology in China and providing users with the most advanced and high-quality industrial robot products.