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Independently developed tandem and hybrid 5-axis robot
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As countries to establish and promote the industrialization of 4.0 goals, industrial robots in the advanced manufacturing technology plays an important role more and more, there are more and more companies join in the tide of advancing, from serial robots, SCALA robots, robot was born in succession to DELTA and collaboration, the height of the whole industry into the flowers.
Bob Kent, adhering to the principle of the development of the "new" innovation achievement, with "user - oriented" (from the perspective of using the design and development) as the research concept, the introduction of international advanced equipment and the industry's top technical personnel, costly, in the parallel axis, parallel 3 axis 2, 4 axis, 6 axis parallel, series and parallel compound 6 axis, desktop parallel axis and desktop after a series of 6 axis robot appeared, in April this year, again for market added a brilliant pen - string and compound 5 axis machine officially listed.


Hybrid industrial robots have been widely used in the field of complex surface machining because of their rigidity and flexibility. In terms of structure, the DMC165 machining center of the famous five-axis linkage machine tool of German DMG company adopts the series structure of gantry and double swing heads composed of three translational axes to develop a five-axis series and hybrid robot, which opens a new world of series and hybrid robot.
The Birkendt string-and-mix-coupled 5-DOF robot is a new 3P-2R structure robot. Since the robot only picks up the upper hemisurface in one operation, the 5-DOF robot can meet the requirement of operating pose flexibility. Compared with the traditional five-axis serial structure, the stiffness of the robot is greatly improved.
The structure of the five-degree-of-freedom hybrid robot analyzes the influence of each joint on the pose of the end-effector. According to the physical meaning of the submatrix elements, the effective equation is selected to obtain the closed solution of inverse kinematics. The surface envelope method based on mapping is used to describe the working space of local joint. Due to the particularity of J4 and J5 joint structures, the dexterity of this structure is analyzed by inductive method. According to the necessary and sufficient conditions to ensure a little dexterity, the envelope surface superposition rule is used to draw a complete robot dexterity workspace model.
The utility model has a large working space and a certain flexibility and flexibility. Including fixed platform, series motor units, parallel motion unit and the moving platform, described the series of motion unit using a rotary motor installed in a fixed platform through the telescopic shaft drive installed on the moving platform of the two sets of parallel input shaft and drive mechanism through a set of nested type, can make the output part around the z axis and the x axis rotation respectively, described the parallel movement of unit installed on the fixed plate fixed platform using the servo motor, the moving platform through sports branched chain drive stated for horizontal and vertical movement.


The new series of compound robot and compact structure, high degree of modularity, manufacture, installation is relatively simple, wide work range, flexible adjustment, high degree of automation, control is relatively simple, is expected to electronics, light industry, food, and many other implementation within the industry rapid precision assembly, have large quantities of used for spraying, handling and other operations.
Most of the core team of Birkenstock robots come from the field of industrial automation integration. Wang Yuechao, chairman of The board, started from the grass-roots level of production enterprises and accumulated over 12 years of experience in various positions in the production field. By virtue of years of technical accumulation and breakthroughs in the industry, Birkenstock has owned more than 30 national patents, and the number is still increasing at the rate of "3 patents per month and new products per month". Taking Tianjin as the production base and radiating To Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Chengdu is the full embodiment of Birkenstock's service concept of "shoulder to shoulder with customers and customer-oriented". With practical actions, Birkendt is helping Chinese enterprises to speed up their pace and strive to enter the era of Industry 4.0 and meet the great moment of "Made in China".