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3+1 Axis Parallel Series

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Matters needing attention
1. The service life of the parts is obtained by accumulatively running time or accumulated grasping and releasing times under the operating conditions of mounting 5kg, track of 25-800-25mm, and catching and releasing beat of 80 times /min.
(1) For mounting and trajectory travel less than the above conditions can be according to the regular maintenance;
(2) If the above conditions are greater than or the operating site is in a bad environment, the maintenance inspection shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the inspection cycle (every 1000 hours), and the maintenance and replacement of parts shall be completed according to the actual inspection situation;
2. If the above parts are found to be damaged, loose, leaking or other fatal problems prior to the specified inspection period or the replacement maintenance period, please contact Birkenstock immediately for maintenance or replacement. Birkenstock shall not be responsible for any loss or injury caused by unauthorized disassembly or installation of the robot.
3. In case of overload, abnormal rotation, loose ball head column, etc., please contact Birkenstock for maintenance;
4. If the customer fails to maintain the robot in accordance with the prescribed cycle, which results in abnormal operation of the robot, resulting in loss of life or death, Birkenstock shall not be liable.

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